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I aim to touch the hearts of people all over our world with love infused paintings that invoke higher feeling states of joy, serenity and freedom.

As we evolve we become more open and free to create from our highest potential, uninhibited, authentic, inclusive of others and joyful impacting our world in a very positive way. Through the evolution of ourselves and by clearing away the blocks to divinity we also begin to experience the powerful and higher feeling states of Joy, Serenity and freedom which help guide us to fulfill our purpose.

As a creative my purpose is to assist those who are awakening in sparking their inner evolution to bring permanent and higher levels of joy, serenity and freedom into their life. Along with love infused artwork I am overjoyed to offer advanced lightwork/bodywork that supports the energy systems of those who truly desire to bring permanent and higher levels of love and light into our world.

“We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.” ~ David R. Hawkins

I live and paint in my home on Hatteras, a barrier island located off the North Carolina coast. Amidst the quiet solitude of the Atlantic ocean and the Pamlico sound I devote much of my time to my evolution, painting and creating a beautiful life with my husband Tom. I consider myself to be truly blessed