“I aim to bring more love, joy and serenity into our world through my paintings.”


I’m so glad my paintings led you here and If you are reading this page you probably want to learn something about who I am and what I am about. It’s natural to want to get to know the person behind the work. When you gaze into an original painting what you see initially is the image. As you step closer you see brush strokes, luminosity of the glaze, vibrant colors and even a tiny hair from the artist’s brush stuck in the medium. These little details are what most people cherish and why investing in original paintings becomes a life long love affair.
But there is more . . . What they do not see are the many exacting hours an artist spends working on the painting. For me, these long hours consist of holding a steady paintbrush sometimes through the wee hours of the morning, listening to my favorite music, staring at the canvas and awaiting the next intuitive move of the brush. Sometimes the mind and intellect will try to take over but in the end I trust my feelings and remind myself that this is a co-creation. The feelings I experience when I paint are energizing. From an exhilarating joy to an incredible and peaceful serenity, these feelings guide me every step of the way. The process of creating is very personal and sacred to me. It is after all, my time to tune in to my Soul Self, connect to Divinity and explore the depths of my feelings and intuition. The results are pure magic!

My style

I am still evolving therefore so is my style. Some would say it is a blend of intuitive, visionary, fusion and fantasy. The truth is that I aim for a new style of “vibrational” or “energetic” art! As a conscious creative I find this both liberating and incredibly exciting!

What truly matters

Those who collect my artwork seem to resonate with it not because of how long I’ve been painting, which art school I attended, that I am self taught or how many certificates or accolades I have collected along the way. Not once have they ever asked to see my “curriculum vitae”. They connect to it because of how it activates positive feelings from within and I absolutely LOVE that! In the end it really isn’t “about me” at all, it is about the work and the process itself. The world today places a higher value on the intellect and the mind over the heart and I am on a mission to change that point of view one painting at a time.

What I know

What goes into a piece of artwork is so much more than time, skill and the materials. There is also an energetic flow of love, serenity and joy that moves through the artist and is imbued into the work. This loving energy remains in our world for as long as the painting exists. It’s something you can sense and feel both intuitively and viscerally. This is why original artwork brings a special energy vibe to a room. When you visit an art museum or a small art gallery with hand made works, there is a feeling of aliveness, comfort and love in the air. It’s electric!

Who I am

I know you came here to learn something about me so here is “what I am about”. GOD, Freedom, Truth, Simplicity, Love, Light, Consciousness, Nature, Animals and Spiritual Evolution. This is my path and what fuels my work, my creativity and my purpose. It is that simple. I live and paint in my home on Hatteras Island off the coast of North Carolina. With the serenity of the Atlantic Ocean and breathtaking sunsets over the Pamlico Sound my husband Tom and I have created a beautiful life together. We have a golden retriever named Summer and together we have raised two beautiful and amazing young women Rachele and Anna. I am a private person who enjoys living a quiet and simple life, spending time enjoying solitude and nature. I consider myself to be truly blessed.

Buy my artwork

To inquire about the availability and cost of one of my paintings or if you are open to a commissioned piece of art please contact me. I also welcome you to sign up for my newsletter for updates on new paintings, workshops and other information.  www.Angel4joy.com

Artwork on display

You can find original paintings in all sizes at the Pea Island Art art gallery a little “love hub” in Salvo, NC. I also have my artwork available through my home studio and select Airbnb destinations on Hatteras Island. If you are interested in displaying any of my original paintings in your airbnb or gallery please contact me via my website. 
All Love!
Angel Fritz