Activating joy through color and connection.


Angel Fritz, Creative guide, Joy-Seeker, Human Connector

My art is a reflection of my path and my paintings are the joyful outcome

In 2005, I met my spiritual teacher who has guided me on a journey of profound self-discovery. Through much teaching, introspection, surrender, and a high level of focus and determination, I woke up to the clarity of my path. I let go of who I thought I was and began discovering who I truly am.

I stepped up to the canvas and it felt powerfully familiar.

With paints in hand, I recalled a long-buried memory of pure joy: As a little girl, I was asked to paint a prop for the school Christmas musical. I used tempera paint on craft paper and I was so proud. It was my first memory of feeling entirely free — an experience of total jubilation. In secondary school the arts programs were my haven. I singed up for every musical, play and choir performance. Every chance I could find I would escape to the art room just to be in a creative space.

Somehow, through my adolescence and into adulthood, I lost sight of that spark, having been taught that the arts would not support a viable life path (one of many blocks on my journey that would be dissolved completely.) After a professional career that included climbing the corporate ladder and running my own business, I realized that my creative soul was calling but I didn’t know quite how to answer it.

Following an intuitive impulse, I walked into an enormous art supply warehouse and found my joy again.

The smells, the colors, the abundance of potential! I went up and down every aisle with complete openness and curiosity, allowing myself to see what tools called out to me. I left the store with brushes and acrylic paint and a large blank canvas. I arrived home and started sketching that evening — my first creative expression in decades. Without attachment to an outcome, I let intuition guide me, and was delighted to see my shapes and marks crystalize.

As I shifted away from the business world I had known and committed to simplifying my life, painting became essential to my practice of wholeness and personal growth. I now spend my days immersed in serenity, enjoying the stunning sunsets and sea of my Hatteras Island home, and getting my creative space messy as often as possible.

To me, painting feels like an act of love, a reclamation of childlike wonder, and a celebration of this wild ride of life.

I’m so honored to be on the journey with you!


My work is an invitation. To step into your unfolding. To open your heart. To fill yourself with joy. And to let that joy ripple out into the world.

Reflecting our capacity for transcendence, the serenity and wisdom of nature, and the pleasure of play, my mixed-media paintings are a fusion of authentic inner exploration and purpose. As a self-taught artist, I practice the art of connection, I open up to the creative flow and surrender any expectations or desired outcomes. I gather my brushes, turn my music on, and with a childlike wonder, I begin to play with paint.  Each decision is made in direct response to joy; each new layer a celebration of freedom and transformation.  I ask, what comes through me if I simply trust? And the canvas reflects my answer.  The colors and shapes of my surroundings often make their way into my paintings. I delight in the natural world, and take inspiration from the sunsets, the sand, and the sea. Mesmerizing shapes dance across the canvas, emerging from layers of color and delicate brush strokes. Vibrant acrylics, metal leaf, and layers of interference paint add a rich shimmer and shine. While the finished pieces culminate in surprising images, I am always most moved by the underlying feelings experienced during the creative process – joy and serenity – Freedom! I often step back from the canvas after hours of late-night creating and experience a sense of delighted amazement that the work moved through me. 

My hope is that each painting sparks a sense of wonder and affirmation in you – that you see your heart reflected in the layers, and that it activates joy in you too.

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