My mission ... To emanate more LOVE and JOY into the world and to help you do the same.


Boost Your Evolution/Awakening With Offerings From Angel

  • Mindfulness Meditation

    Knocking on Heaven’s door

    Every moment you spend in nature, in silence, in meditation and in contemplation is simply your soul walking up to Heaven’s door and saying, “Hey… I want to come in, I want to know truth, I want to know who I truly am and why …

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  • Peacefulwarrior E1383924892469

    Finding your value

    How to grow spiritually in an externally focused world. Hold onto your ego…. this one might sting a little. Your level of evolution (openness to love and joy – GOD) is your real value as a human being. It’s far more valuable than any number …

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  • Picture 8

    Are You Evolving?

    Are you evolving ? What is the next level for your purpose? GOD/Source (whatever that means to you) desires to create and express through you. When we hold onto our purpose or one level of our purpose too tightly we limit our infinite potential. We …

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  • The Golden Path By Latoday D30nsbi

    A Letter From an Initiate

    A LETTER FROM AN INITIATE . . . Dear friends and family , I love you. Don’t judge me because I choose to follow a non religious path. I’m exploring the depths of myself to experience GOD directly. I no longer need rules, rituals or …

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  • Super Hero Girl

    Dear Mommy and Daddy

    Dear Mommy and Daddy . . . Don’t just look at my face, look into my eyes and see me. Don’t talk down to me as though I am unaware of things. I know everything. Don’t tell me to stop daydreaming. I’m still connected to …

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  • Glassblower


    There seems to be some confusion around the gift-of-self and greed. I believe this confusion comes from a lack conscious point of view and personal issues about abundance and money in general that have not been cleared at an individual level. Views that are transcended …

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  • WTmMUTP E1372692992349

    We are ONE in the silence

    Turn off the radio. Turn off the television, the computer the cell phone. And yes, even the beautiful sounds of nature. In silence you are nothing and you are nobody. You are free. The way you felt in your mother’s womb, before you were born …

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  • Bd770e58c4e46cf732fe2814c16ef93d E1372692557907

    Love emanation

    Your Mission is to emanate Love to others. It is that simple. You don’t have to do “spiritual” things. Everything is spiritual when the person behind what they are doing is conscious and awake. Contemplate on that for a moment. Children laughing and playing emanate …

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  • 72136143b2bf2344239fe435fa7e4c12

    Living Free

    When was the last time you caught a lightning bug? Take a look in the mirror. Is society imprinting on you? Are you conforming and twisting yourself into something you are not just to fit in? Are the clothes you wear a walking advertisement for …

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  • Rebel

    “Ding ding” – Wake up!

    If you want to be FREE you gotta become brave! One of my favorite spiritual teachers is Stuart Wilde. This post was inspired from his teachings and also from some of my own personal experiences. It took me over 40 years to figure out that …

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  • Solitude2

    Are you ready for a change?

    When your home life, your work and your spiritual life become one in the same you can then begin to live in truth. Ask yourself . . . Who am I really? Am I being authentic in all ways? What areas of my life am …

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  • Going Up Final E1359064037727

    Going Up?

    As one goes up the Evolution elevator, their point of view changes. They move from “Me” to “We” and  they achieve permanent and higher feeling states of love like joy, serenity, illumination, bliss, nirvana, agape etc. As they reach these higher states their TRUE life’s …

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  • 27995 509667069045297 1585795018 N E1358810373249

    A NEW Level of Vibrant and Loving People!!

    Whatever we’re feeling is what we’re vibrating, and whatever we’re vibrating is what we’re attracting! We create by feeling, not by thought! If you want to bring in greater abundance, health, happiness of any kind, you have to feeeeel it into being. Attend any Law …

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  • Light+body

    What is Activation?

    All forms of energy work are beautiful and can benefit individuals on many different levels but they are not all the same. To clarify what is unique about Energy Activations  vs. other forms of energy work I’ve put together this quick FAQ with ‘simplistic’ answers …

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  • Things You Didn T Know About Dreams1389501057 Mar 26 2012 600x367

    Facebook ~ The Ego Machine

    The higher the spiritual awareness you share in a Facebook post, the fewer the “likes” and shares you’ll get. Why is that? Facebook is the ego’s playground.  Mostly people are seeking validation and proof that they are valued, loved and accepted by others (externals) and …

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  • Picture 2

    Standing alone

    As you evolve, the more you find yourself alone because being around people who pretend to be loving and kind becomes very difficult. More and more you choose to love and honor yourself unconditionally and that means making some very difficult choices about who you …

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